M3 Modeling Media Academy is witnessed by everyone, we are moving towards the goal of becoming more professional, international and diversified.

M3/JMK Modeling Media Academy Founded in 2018, it was initially founded by founder Mindy Li in 2016. In 2017, the company New Silk Road Modeling was registered. After the shareholding system in 2018 with Julie Shen, it was renamed M3/JMK Modeling Media Academy.


Education as the core, service as the focus, achievement of others, achievement of yourself

Brand Mission

With heart, love, and action, do education that benefits children for a lifetime

Core Slogan


Brand Spirit

Efficiency, team, responsibility, mutual assistance, win-win

The academy mainly focuses on the aesthetic education of children and teenagers models, so that students can win the starting line from the temperament and image!


We are committed to building an international brand image, striving for the highest honor, word of reputation in the field of fashion art in the International, and a pioneer in the fashion model industry!


Multi-dimensional model shape training and teaching system, professional teaching staff, international teaching mode, customized training system.


FMI model management company signed the contract; the world’s most authoritative IMTA model talent competition; top designer in China’s fashion industry Ji Wenbo Fashion Institute; international model agency and other international beauty contests, business Events, Media Promotion, International Fashion Week Shows, Haute Couture Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Hawaii Fashion Week, LA Kizs Fashion Week, etc… Designer brand editorial shooting, magazine shooting, high-end brand clothing Customization,/JMK company M3 brand Runway all kinds of fashion clothing customization, dress, fashion, shoes and hats, etc…